Our Menu British Inspired

Starting Off


Feathery Nachos
.... $23
melted cheese, chili, chicken, steak, lettuce, tomato, salsa & sour cream

Cheese Nachos (V) (GF) ....$16.50
+ guacamole 3.75 pub-made queso 4.50

Pub-Made Crispy Dills....$11.50
creamy ranch dip

Fried Cheese Curds (V) ....$12.50
maple or honey hot dip

Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins....$12.50
crispy chicken in wing sauce, cheese, sour cream or blue cheese

Keto Basket ....$12.50
fried sausage & pepperoni bites with mustard mayo for dipping

Vegan Poutine (VE) (GF) ....$11
vegan gravy & "cheese"

cheddar and cream cheese, blended, with peppers & jalapeƱos rolled up in flour tortilla, baked & cut bite size with sour cream

Vegan "Chicken" Bites (VE) ....$12.50
your choice between sweet chili or hot, medium & mild wing sauce

Cheese & Ale Dip....$15.50
topped with pub-made bacon jam & served with toasted baguette

Pub Board....$26
meats, cheeses, pub-made chutneys, jams, pickled veggies & warm bread

Thai Chili Fish Tacos....$13.50
golden Base, pub-made pineapple salsa, guacamole, lettuce & tomato drizzled with sweet chili Thai

Giant Pretzel (VE) ....$10
grainy mustard

Mozzarella Sticks (V) ....$11.50
marinara sauce

Quebec Style Poutine....$8.50
cheese curds & gravy
+ double up on the cheese curds 1.99

Pub Chips....$8
salt n' pepper, garlic parm or cajun, ranch or garlic parm aioli to dip

Veggie & Cheese (V) or Grilled Chicken Quesadilla....$11/$13.50
baked in a flour tortilla with salsa

Crab Cakes....$12
authentic crab, herbs & spices with pub-made pineapple salsa & spicy aioli

Sweet Potato Fries (V) ....$9
curried aioli

Sweet & Spicy Cauliflower (V)