Our Menu British Inspired

Pub Fare

Fish 'n' Chips

A generous portion of our beer battered white fish. Served with fries, pub made coleslaw and tartar sauce. 14.99

Feathery's Famous Liver & Onions

Charbroiled beef liver topped with bacon, fried onions and gravy. Served with your choice of potato 13.49

Pan-Fried Perogies

Potato and cheddar filled, topped with bacon and sautéed onions. Served with sour cream 12.49

Chicken Fingers

Fries and plum sauce. 12.99

Pub-Made Chicken Curry

slow cooked & spiced to perfection served on rice with naan bread 14.49

Pub Melt

Grilled chicken, mushrooms and onions stacked on garlic toast then baked with cheese and Hollandaise sauce. Served with Feathery balsamic greens or fries 13.99

Shepherd's Pie

Granny's recipe of savoury minced beef, carrots and onions simmered in rich gravy topped with [pub made mashed, sprinkled with cheddar. Served with Feathery balsamic greens or fries 13.49

Steak, Mushrooms & Guinness Pie

Tender beef, mushroom and onion slow cooked in pubs savoury Guinness gravy and topped with golden brown puffed pastry. Served with your choice of potato or Feathery balsamic greens 13.99

Bombay Butter Chicken

Braised in butter sauce with hints of tandoori, cumin & masala. Served over long rice with nann bread 14.49

Jumbo Stuffed Yorkie

Stuffed with pub made mash and loaded with your choice of :

Traditional: Roast beef, mushrooms and gravy

or Roasted Chicken: peas and gravy 15.99

Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Waffles

drizzled with maple syrup & pub-made chipotle BBQ sauce 16.99

Jumbo Wings 5/10/15

tossed in mild, med, hot, pub-made scotch bonnet suicide, sweet chili thai dry cajun, garlic parm, honey garlic, honey/hot/medium/mild 7/13.50/19.75

Buffalo Chicken Fingers

tossed in your choice of mild, med or hot wing sauce served with fries, ask your server to add either blue cheese or ranch dip at no charge 13.99